Personality Development Tips: How to Control Emotional Sensitivity

How to Control Emotional Sensitivity

While emotionally sensitive people are more vulnerable to depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder, too often being emotionally sensitive is pathologies. Highly sensitive people tend to get their feelings hurt easily. Their fear of failure may make them less likely to take risks, and their heightened emotions may cause relationship problems. This condition should, however, not stop you from living your best life. You can still live a full and fulfilled life if you know how to handle that you are emotionally sensitive.

English Avenue spoken English and communication skill classes in Bhubaneswar always focus on complete personality development. Personality development is part of communication skill and we always try to teach our student to become a master in this skills. Learning positive attitude is a not a one day practice you have to do practice every day to become a master in the positive attitude.

Herein are a few ways to go about that.



Do you overreact on peoples when they do some joke with you, react aggressively, worry too much? Then there is a high chance that you are an emotionally sensitive person. This is not too much worse but if you are taking this in a rapid manner then it can be poison for you.

No one can accept you for you and you cannot grow if you do not accept you for you. Being ES is not a negative thing that you have to fend off. It is just a condition you need to learn to live with. It is not a disease or a shortcoming. Accepting means you can learn to be less reactive with practice.


Test yourself

Test yourself to know more about your self, there are various methods are present which can help you to know your self better. This process involves understanding your temperament. It also involves taking a self-assessment to know if you are overly sensitive. A good test to take is the Emotionally Sensitive Person available on psych central. If you do decide to take the test, do not downplay anything nor feel ashamed of who you are. You are not weak for being overly sensitive. Don’t let societal constructs cripple you.


Keep everyday activity note   

Write your way through the process. Diary writing is a great way of keeping notes and also having a conversation with yourself. Doing this will give you a safe space to talk and a reference material to look at your reaction and see if you are making progress.  This will help you to explore your everyday activity and you can think and understand which work is beneficial for you and which is not.

It also allows you to note the triggers and how you can avoid or deal with them moving forward. Ask yourself the genuine question. Question about why you react the way you do, and how you should react in the future should be answered truthfully.


Avoid negative people

There are certain people who always try to push us in negative thinking. Do not preserver or take their talks. Cut them out of your life as they are slowly chipping away at your confidence and adversely affecting your mental health. There is no reason to keep toxic people around especially when you know you are emotionally sensitive. This is, however, not a call to avoid constructive criticism.

One more thing you should not do is label yourself negatively. You are who you are and that does not make you less of a person or a weak person. Empathy, over 0 sensitivity and other traits of emotionally sensitive peoples are not curses or things to abhor.





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