GD Topic: NEET – Pros & Cons


The student who is willing to study medical have to qualify NEET exam it is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in India. NEET was conducted in 2013 for the first time but was canceled after the verdict of Supreme Court. Again it is being conducted from 2016 onwards, after the fresh judgment of Supreme Court. In recent time we have seen a huge protest from parents, student, and teachers against NEET. There is a lot of controversy with the NEET exam. There is both pros and cons of NEET exam lets discuss them one by one.

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Let’s start today GD Topic: NEET – Pros & Cons



  • Previously there were several exams to get admission into MBBS colleges, individual colleges and both state where conducting their entrance exams. But now NEET replace all the individual exam and now it is one single entrance system to get admission in MBBS.
  • The single entrance test will reduce the burden on students. Preparing for several tests with different syllabus is confusing but one single syllabus will be easy to cover.
  • It will eliminate malpractices in the entrance test. In early days we have seen those individual colleges providing the facility of malpractices to those students who paying money or donation to the college authorities.
  • With NEET, India now has a standard test for medical seats just like the US and other developed countries. In the various developed country, there is a single medical entrance test which is helping to select a right student who has talent.



  • NEET exam is completely based on NCRT syllabus. This is unfair with the student from state syllabus. State syllabus and NCRT syllabus are two very different syllabi it will create confusion among students.
  • Earlier, students could able to write multiple entrance exams. So, even if they couldn’t perform well in one exam, they had the choice. But now, one exam will decide their future, which is risky.
  • NEET exam is conducted in the English language and there are very few language options in NEET exam. If we stat state entrance with NEET then the student can get more language option.
  • NEET 2017 conducted in multiple languages provided different questions for different language students. This is very unfair and involves favoritism. If there is the different question for different language then there is no neutrality in the exam.



The concept of one standardized test is good, but making the exam favorable to the certain section of India is completely undemocratic. NEET will be good if it gives equal opportunity to all states of India.




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