GD Topic: Do India Really Need Smart City

100 smart city is one of the big dream projects of our PM. Recently there is the announcement of 100 smart cities, this city will be built and develop with all the modern facilities like 24*7 electricity, water supply, school, hospitals and many more. There is an increasing migration rate of 70% peoples from villages to city in last 10 years which a clear indication toward redevelopment of our city to manage such a population. The smart city is one of the hot topics in India now if this is going to happen then we can see a massive improvement in our nation.

But, does a country like India require a smart city? Let’s take a look.




  • Smart city will bring good infrastructure and to common peoples. Good infrastructure is a most common requirement if India is going to be a developing country one day.
  • In smart city peoples can get the smart solution on the common problems like the treatment of water waste, monitoring water quality, public transport, healthcare etc.
  • Promotes development – Smart cities enhance the developmental activities of a region. A lot of developmental activities such as building schools, organizations, shopping malls can take place. These activities benefit everybody including citizens, businesses, government, and environment.
  • One of the major sectors is housing. In a smart city, there will house for all the public. There is a 70% increase in migration toward city this need more houses to handle this much of public.
  • A smart city is an economy of a hub. It provides various opportunities and advantages to its residents. India is expanding rapidly and the emergence of a smart city can provide employment for many. The construction of a smart city requires a lot of manpower.




  • Smart city a political game with Indians, there is no such development smart city from the day of the announcement. Politicians are using this terms to keep peoples in their favor for next election only.
  • Living cost in a smart city is much high which is not affordable for the middle-class families. In a smart city, people have to build their own houses according to their financial capacity. A lot of people would not be able to afford a place in a smart city as it would be very costly. Thus, people from middle class and poor section of the society won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart city.
  • To build a smart city there will be a large area needed. This is can be better utilized to build biodiversity. Cities which are rich in river beds and hilly regions can be utilized to avoid ecological degeneration.
  • India is a country which is better known for its increasing poverty rate. Only a certain part of the city would be utilized for constructing a smart city whereas, the other part of the city would be still under the shadow of poverty. We should understand that smart city won’t be able to solve the basic issues of an entire state or city. If the fund which is planned to be spent for a smart city is utilized for decreasing the poverty rate, India would be much ahead of other countries.



India is a developing country and the government of India is trying its best to develop India into a powerful nation. Introducing the concept of smart cities in India is a great idea but due to increasing poverty rate, lack of infrastructure and basic amenities, the cities might have to face a lot of challenges. Before initiating the project, the government should try to attend to the basic issues of the nation such as implementing a proper drainage system, providing good water, sanitation and healthcare facilities etc.




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