GD Topic: Impact of Technology on Jobs

The innovation of new technology always brings comfort and ease of work to peoples. From the age of industrialization, there is a flood of new innovation which can save time and money for both industry and common peoples. Use of the industry and the small factory’s now day using modern technology even in public service sectors like transport and housekeeping service are now rapidly transforming toward modern technology. This new system now saving public money and time but is it hampering local jobs? Unemployment is one of the big problems for any country and for a developing country like India Unemployment is one of the major issues. Many peoples say technology will replace manpower which will be a reason for unemployment but modern technology is one of the ways to produce more quality product. Impact of technology on the job is now a topic of discussion for both all organization and common public. Let’s start today’s GD topic and conclude:


Arguments that Jobs will not be lost due to technological advancements


  • Marden industrial sector now using technology to improve their quality. Machines can do the same work with much faster speed and accurately.
  • Automation is now a tool for the skilled worker. Computerized production is one of the boosted job opportunity sector for skilled professionals.
  • Technology is now creating new job sectors like law, financial services, education, and medicine, research, automobile, and IT.
  • The pace of modern technological change is so rapid that many workers, unable to adjust, will simply become obsolete.
  • According to research firm Gartner, more jobs will be created than lost by automation. The firm stated that though 1.8 million jobs will be eliminated by 2020, 2.3 million new jobs will be created by then.
  • It is widely suggested that workers will have greater employment opportunities if their occupation undergoes some degree of computer automation. As long as they can learn to use the new tools, automation will be their friend.
  • With the advent of new technologies industry, experts see the need for skilled workers increasing in the short run and persisting for at least another decade. The experts call for training programs with a new curriculum and certifications to standardize emerging job classifications.





Arguments supporting that technological advancement will lead to Job loss



  • According to Joel Mokyr, a leading economic historian at Northwestern University, “The current disruptions are faster and more intensive.” Mokyr says “It is nothing like what we have seen in the past, and the issue is whether the system can adapt as it did in the past.”
  • The industry’s now adopting new technology to improve quality and reduce manpower. Every industry now wants to replace manpower with technology which can reduce salary cost for the organization.
  • Machines can reduce risk and increase effectiveness. This could lead to the elimination of a vast number of semi or unskilled jobs, who make a substantial portion of the workforce in manufacturing and agriculture sector.
  • Automation isn’t just for blue-collar workers anymore. Computers are now taking over tasks performed by professional workers, raising fears of massive unemployment.
  • “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: workforce transition in a time of automation”; a research report by Mckinsey Global Institute provides states that: By 2030, 75 million to 375 million workers (3 to 14 percent of the global workforce) will need to switch occupational categories. Moreover, all workers will need to adapt, as their occupations evolve alongside increasingly capable machines.
  • The pace of modern technological change is so rapid that many workers, unable to adjust, will simply become obsolete.




Continuous investment in the innovation of new technology without considering the impact on job sector can be a big problem like unemployment. But besides avoiding new technology we should improve the sill of our workers. New technology much saves and fast way to work we should focus on how to teach our worker to harvest more by using technology.



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