Useful Expression in Spoken English: Asking about future plans

  1. What are you doing tomorrow?

Expression 1 is a very common question and might be asked just out of curiosity. We user this expression in informal conversion with our friends and family members.

  1. Got any plans for tomorrow?

Expression 2 is more informal and relaxed version of expression 1. We ask this question with friends and family member but it can be used with un unknown person.

  1. What’s your plan for tomorrow?

Expression 3 show that I have my plan and what is yours for tomorrow. This type of conversion general in the office where your boss asking you to know what are you going to do tomorrow.

  1. Are you doing anything tomorrow?

In expression 4 show that you are hoping that the person to whom you are asking will be free and can come with you. Generally, we ask this type of question to our friends and colleagues.

  1. What’s on the cards for tomorrow?

Expression 5 uses a fortune telling metaphor: ‘it’s on the cards’ means it’s likely, but not certain. This expression is often used in the negative form to say we have no intention of doing something.

  1. Busy tomorrow?

Expression 6 is just like expression 4. Here we are hoping someone to be present for us at the next meeting. This is the very informal way and should use with friends and family members.

  1. Have you got anything on tomorrow?

Expression 7 is also like expression 4 and 6 but it is the much formal way to ask. We use this expression in the official and formal environment.

  1. Have you got anything planned for tomorrow

Expression 8 is just like expression 7 but much more polite and formal.

  1. What’s happening tomorrow?

Expression 9 is a general question and very common in use. We use this type of expression when we are in rush or not having much time to ask properly.

  1. How’s tomorrow looking?

Expression 10 could be used to check that something you have planned for tomorrow with a friend is still OK. You hope the answer is: ‘fine’ which means your plan is still on.





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