Useful expression for spoken english: Asking somebody’s opinion

  1. What do you think of…?         

Phrases 1 is a general phrase for asking for an opinion. We can use this expression formally and informally. In informal speech, ‘do you’ becomes you?’.

  1. What do you think about…?

Phrases 2 is also a general phrases for asking an opinion. We use this phrases with our friends and relatives on a day to day general conversion. This phrases followed by a noun or gerund (-ing form).

  1. How d’you feel (about…)?

Phrases 3 is more informal. We can use them with ‘about’ and a noun or gerund phrase e.g. ‘How d’you feel about having a class outside in the garden?’

  1. What d’you reckon (about…)?

Phrases 4 is just like phrases 3, it an informal way to ask somebody’s opinion. We use this expression with our friend’s circles.

  1. What’s your opinion of…?

Phrase 5 is all about knowing the other person’s views and ideas on a concerned thing or sometimes it’s about seeking or judging their views. ( E.g. what’s your opinion of me going on a diet?)

  1. (What do think about) that?

We use phrase 6 (with that) after another sentence (e.g. They’re going to build a new supermarket here. What do you think of that?).

  1. What are your views on…?

Phrases 7 is more formal. You could use them in a business meeting and you might hear them on interviews on the news.

  1. Where do you stand (on…)?

Phrases 8 is just like phrases 7. This is a formal way to ask an opinion and mainly in a business meeting and professional conversation.

  1. What would you say to… / if we…?

 Phrase 9 is asking the other person’s opinion of an idea or proposal. We follow ‘to’ with a noun or gerund and follow ‘if we’ with a sentence with a past verb

  1. Are you aware of…..?

Phrase 10 is an indirect way of asking for an opinion. We ask if the other person knows about the situation. They are then are expected to react with an opinion.



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