GD Topic: Cricket should be the National Game of India


As we know cricket is the most popular game nowadays and IPL adding the charm to it.Even people ready to change their work schedules to watch IPL matches. Nowadays Indians are the die-hard fan of cricket. Does this mean Cricket should be the national game of India?



  • The world is changing day by day and cricket is getting demand from people. We should welcome the new changes.
  • If you look overall craze peoples are mad for cricket.
  • Our Govt also getting benefit from cricket. As cricket players are rich they are not getting hesitate to pay a large sum of money by the tax.
  • It is providing more entertainment comparison to other Games.



  • As Hockey is our national game, we should give respect to hockey.
  • If cricket will be the national game then it will hurt the sentiments of Hockey player.
  • Cricket is the national game of England. If we will make it our national game that means we are adopting British culture.
  • Who knows the future? Now cricket is a demanding game, but if tomorrow some other game gets demand should we change it according to peoples demand?


If it will become the national game then there will be no additional benefit. But it may bring a lot of criticism. It may hurt the spirit of the game. So it is not showing any sense to make it a national game.



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