GD Topic: Advertisement Should be banned

Some people say that advertising pushes us to buy some products which we really do not need and some people say it helps us to know about new products which improve our lives.




  • Really it helps us to know about the new product and we can get a comparison between the new product and existing product.
  • The advertisement comes with beautiful scenery and music, which entertain us more.
  • Some Advertisement really very helpful like Polio awareness program, AIDS awareness, clean India program. Through Advertisement, it is possible to create awareness.




  • It seems like through advertisement they are doing cheating with customers.
  • Some advertisement is there which is very bad for children and teenagers.
  • It kills more time. If you watch a movie of 2 hours then it will take 4 hours due to an advertisement.




Everything has two sides, i.e  good and bad. So advertisement should not be banned. If possible then Govt should develop a policy to prevent misleading, and sexual contained ad.

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